Microsoft has delivered a partial fix for this nagging Windows 10 bug

Microsoft has released a partial fix for a known issue affecting Windows 10 devices with certain audio drivers for Conexant and Synaptics devices. The issue has been under investigation since May this year.

Previously, Windows 10 devices with malfunctioning Conexant or Synaptics drivers would receive a stop error and the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’ when they tried to install updates. Safeguard holds 25702662 and 25702673 were put in place as a short-term fix, with Microsoft stating that both of the issues relating to these holds have now been resolved.

Individuals that were subject to the Windows 10 safeguards should be offered updates within the next 48 hours but, in the meantime, Microsoft has asked individuals not to attempt manually updating their devices.

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Update bugs

Embarrassingly for Microsoft, the Conexant/Synaptics issue has hung around now for a while, persisting through a sizeable Windows 10 update released earlier this year. Back then, Microsoft also identified an issue for Japanese and Chinese language users of Microsoft IME and a bug connected to the installation of third-party drives, in addition to the audio driver problem.



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