Multiple security flaws let hackers infiltrate D-Link routers

The web infrastructure and website security company Cloudflare has announced that it will launch its own cloud hosting service called Cloudflare Pages.

The company’s latest product is JAMstack-compatible and provides developers with a simpler, faster and more collaborative way to build websites for free.

With Cloudflare Pages, entire sites can be built directly on the edge of the internet and closer to end users resulting in performance increases that are up to twice as fast as other web hosting platforms.

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Cloudflare Pages

Using Cloudflare Pages, developers can create sites that are massively scalable as they’re built on Cloudflare’s global network which spans more than 200 cities in over 100 countries. These sites will also be secure by design as the company provides free SSL certificates as standard and its web application firewall (WAF) is just a click away.

Collaboration is a big part of Cloudflare’s new product as pages integrate seamlessly with GitHub and automatically generate preview links for every commit. This allows all stakeholders of a site to easily provide feedback and users can add an unlimited number of collaborators for free to each project making the Cloudflare Pages ideal for teams of all sizes. Once a webpage is complete, it can be deployed directly to Cloudflare’s edge using Git integration.

Cloudflare Pages’ free tier allows users to work on one build at a time with up to 500 builds per month. Upgrading to the Pro plan for $20 per month allows for five concurrent builds with 5,000 builds for month while the Business plan at $200 for month allows for 20 concurrent builds with 20,000 builds per month. Regardless of which plan you choose though, you can create an unlimited number of sites with unlimited requests and bandwidth.

Interested users can sign up here to join the beta and start testing out Cloudflare Pages for themselves.

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